Another clip from the super enduro series: Seems they had rain during testing and sun at the race. We might have the same. Or the opposite. Or something else. No matter what, we will race anyway! Reklamer Fortsett å lese

testing trails

We had a fantastic weekend, riding the lokal trails and testing special stages. We rode many of the special stage candidates and they were in almost perfect condition. Just a bit of cleaning up remains and soon we will start the planning of the final course. We hope you had a good weekend riding your … Fortsett å lese testing trails

Good weather

The insane weather up here is doing a quick job melting away the last snow, almost 25 C in the shade this afternoon! Most of the trails should be rideable now, and the rest very soon 🙂 Fortsett å lese Good weather


To make our event a bit more available, (i.e. also outside facebook 😉 ) we’ve created this blog to keep you guys updated. We are 3 Tromsø guys trying to organize such an event for the first time, so if you have suggestions, comments etc, feel free to shoot us a mail to! Otherwise, … Fortsett å lese Wellcome