Results 3rd challenge

First time chainless racing went well! Quite weird at the beginning to have no resistance in the pedals at all, but hei, it is possible to even win worldcup downhill races without a chain 😉 And guessing the time was quite difficult, we all went way faster than we thought!


on the way up




finnish of chainless SS1


calculating the results together


1  Lars M G: 1:55

2 Ingebrigt M: 1:58

3 Torben H: 1:58

4 Samuel G: 2:10

4 Anders A: 2:10

6 Rickard W: 2:19

7 Carles D: 2:21

SS2:      (times are the difference between the race time and the time we guessed beforehand, in this case we all underestimated our speed, i.e. we went way faster than we guessed! actual race times were around 2 min)

1 Anders A: 0:40

2 Lars M G: 0:43

3 Ingebrigt M: 0:48

4 Rickard W: 0:49

5 Torben H: 0:58

5: Carles D: 0:58

7 Samuel G: 1:04


1 Lars M G: 2:38

2 Ingebrigt M: 2:46

3 Anders A: 2:50

4 Torben H: 2:57

5 Rickard W: 3:08

6 Samuel G: 3:14

7 Carles D: 3:19

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July results

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