7th Challenge 2015

This might be the last challenge this year and it will be already tomorrow! (16.9.) The place is the Klokka 10 trail at Kattfjordeidet (Nattmålsfjellet) and we’ll meet 19:00 at the parking spot at the trail-head. This will be riding in the dark, so don’t forget your headlamps! The trail is technically quite easy and … Fortsett å lese 7th Challenge 2015

Results 6th challenge

Fall makes the races more interesting it seems. Fog came up and made some loose the track, chains dropped, tires got flat, phones died…but we got some results anyway! Rank Name Date Speed Time SS1 1 Ingebrigt Mogaard Sep 2, 2015 32.7km/h 03:24 2 Lars Martin Gabrielsen Sep 2, 2015 31.6km/h 03:31 3 Carles Debart … Fortsett å lese Results 6th challenge

6th challenge 2015

New challenge tomorrow! This time a bit longer one, we’ll meet 1700 at the parking space for the shooting range in Tromsdalen or 1900 at the top of Bøntuva and ride in 2 segments down to Tromsdalen. Depending on how many show up it might be that the last part might be at dusk, so take … Fortsett å lese 6th challenge 2015