Results 4th Challenge

Here are the results from todays race. SPECIAL STAGE 1 SPECIAL STAGE 2 SPECIAL STAGE 3 TOTAL STANDING ALL STAGES Ingebrigt Mogaard 330 sec Glenn Isak Henriksen 338 sec Lars Martin Gabrielsen 359 sec Torben Havstein 361 sec Martin Stefan 362 sec Cato Jørgensen & Vidar Wensel 413 sec Peter Westh Hammer 438 sec Andrea … Fortsett Results 4th Challenge

4th challenge 2015

Tomorrow will be the 4th challenge this year, this time in Straumsbukta! Meeting point 19:00 as usual, at this parking spot: Just meet up and you’ll get the information were to go 🙂 Fortsett 4th challenge 2015