More pictures!

Many more awesome pictures by Perttu Luomala! unloading the bikes The volunteers! checking the timing system Juha explaining the timing system to Alejandro, the 5th volunteer Chris Brynjulfsen enjoys biking up 😉 Start of SS2 in the background, second top of SS2 in the foreground Not in the race, but this guy had fun anyway! … Fortsett å lese More pictures!

Thank you!

Thanks to all the participants for coming and to the volunteers Sigrid, Lena, Alejandro, Malte and Elke for helping us out! We all are the pioneers of northern Norwegian enduro racing and hopefully this is the start of a popular and regular event! We enjoyed the event a lot and are both happy that it … Fortsett å lese Thank you!

The results

Here the results. We enjoyed the race a lot and had not much sleep last night, so a more detailed review has to wait until tomorrow 😉 In any case, congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants for coming! Fortsett å lese The results

Race success

The detailed results will be posted tomorrow when I get back to my pc and proper internet 😉 Here the first 3: John Ola Buøy, total time 16min 01sec Juho Pusa, total time 16min 49sec Henrik Grytbakk, total time 18min, 20sec Congratulations, you won the first arctic, northernmore and so on enduro race! And thanks … Fortsett å lese Race success