local scene

In case you want to know more about the lokal bike scene, check out this page Ride Tromsø I’ll put some more links on the right-hand menue for further activities in the area. Advertisements Fortsett local scene

Good weather

The insane weather up here is doing a quick job melting away the last snow, almost 25 C in the shade this afternoon! Most of the trails should be rideable now, and the rest very soon 🙂 Fortsett Good weather


At the moment we have quite incredible weather here, around 20 C in the shade! To keep yourself updated about the current weather, here a webcam: http://www.fjellheisen.no/webkamera/ In the menue of the cam you can select different aims, e.g. overview from Fjellheisen top-station (the local cablecar) and some around town. With this weather now, soon … Fortsett Webcams


To make our event a bit more available, (i.e. also outside facebook 😉 ) we’ve created this blog to keep you guys updated. We are 3 Tromsø guys trying to organize such an event for the first time, so if you have suggestions, comments etc, feel free to shoot us a mail to tromsoenduro@gmail.com! Otherwise, … Fortsett Wellcome